For this project, I chose the topic "De Kustlijn: 68 tram stops on the Belgian coast". I have always felt a special connection with coastal resorts. I was born and raised in the Northern Irish seaside town of Bangor. And so there is a strong feeling of nostalgia underpinning my choice of subject. My first visit to continental Europe as a young teenager was to Blankenberge. It was a memorable holiday, and I have never lost my liking for the place.
Two years ago, I reread David Campany's "The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip" and rekindled my love for this genre of photographic travel. How could I apply the road trip concept to little Belgium? I found my answer in the longest tram line in the world, 67 km long between De Panne and Knokke. This gave me the idea of making a concertina book of 68 photos – one for each of the 68 places where the tram stops. Opened out, the book is 17 metres long.​​​​​​​
My approach to photography is based on the aphorism of the playwright Samuel Beckett: "Dance first, think later". That means: taking pictures spontaneously, wandering aimlessly, without a plan. This project has no storyline. I selected 68 fragments. They represent my look at life on the Belgian coast – fragmentary, ephemeral, picturesque, sensory, with no ultimate meaning. As with life, it's a journey that goes on until the last tram stop is reached....
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