Colour photography is the obvious choice for me. It is the natural medium. I like to take photographs that represent how people see the world, which is of course in colour. Black and white used to be all that photographers had and, very naturally, they made a virtue out of this limitation by creating an art form. Ernst Haas did the same with slow colour film, making a virtue out of the limitation by perfecting the camera blur technique. There has been resistance to change because of attachment to that great tradition of the classic black and white photographers that we all admire, but colour has won out. Black and white will still have an honourable place, you would think, because it is supported by a sizeable body of artistic language and theory. Perhaps it will end up a niche pursuit like film cameras, albumen printing, lomography...?
I have put together a photobook of black and white images, including some old film camera images. I called it Achroma, which is an arty way of saying black and white. The aim was just to think a little more about whether B&W is constrained by its monochromaticity or liberated from the distraction of colour.
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