This is a time lapse video from photo stills made in collaboration with my long-standing photographic comrade, Carlo Henkens. In September 2023, Carlo was one of three photographers chosen by Breedbeeld to give a public talk in Zonhoven on his photographic work. He is currently chairman of the art collective, Artum17. You can link to Carlo’s website here:
The stills were shot in the Horta Gallery, which is one of the entrances to the Central Station in Brussels. The time lapse video was set to 18 frames per second.
Make of it what you will but here are some of our thoughts in making it. A frantic rush upstairs, people silhouetted, ink stains on the page of life. Dark, gritty, edgy, raw atmosphere. Beacon on the pillar symbolizing danger, emergency. Mood music. Rapidly changing lighting, positive to negative inversions,  bright flashes - feeling of instability. Steeped in anxiety, angst, a sense of “urgency without a known purpose”, of pending calamity.  Apocalyptic?
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