"Don't wish for better - do the best possible in the circumstances. Make the best photograph that you can."   Sam Abell
For this project, I have tried to follow Abell's advice. I aimed to get the best photographs I could with the material that was in front of me at any particular moment and within the time I had available, which was about four hours. Essentially, it is about avoiding the pitfall of saying there is nothing here to photograph, it is about discipline and practice.
If you don't know Sam Abell, he was a National Geographic photographer, who now uses his retirement to give illustrated lectures about his photography. Click the button below for his video on the Life of a Photograph, which is also the title of a book that he published. He is very worthwhile listening to - a soft spoken and articulate communicator.
When I took this photo, it was more about mobile phones than people. It was only later that I imagined a resemblance to Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Too late to make the girl on the left the subject. But, of course, I could crop the photograph to portrait format to see how it might have looked. 
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